Over The Grass Farm

Over the Grass Farm

We have 400+ rolling acres, more than half is used for pasture for our cattle, sheep, and horses. Pastures are set up in a New Zealand style rotational grazing system with animals being moved around through a series of small paddocks throughout the grazing season. 

Our vegetable production happens in several unheated hoop houses, or high tunnels. Seedlings are started in our greenhouse. We have just under an acre of outside garden space that grows all of our produce during the regular season. We have a small orchard of about 20 fruit trees.

The dairy is run through a cow-share program, where the customer buys a share in a cow and gets milk on a weekly basis. This is the only legal arrangement in the state of Virginia that allows consumers to get unprocessed milk.

Our farm fertility is founded on creating plant, animal, and microbial diversity.
The farm is committed to preserving the array of wildlife found here, too. We have 5 ponds and several streams that are fenced from livestock and managed to encourage native plant growth. Nesting boxes are found all over the farm and are active homes for bluebirds, wood ducks, and bats.

During the Summer-Fall season, Over The Grass will be at the local farmer’s markets in Middleburg, Warrenton and The Plains.

Please see our products page for our list of all natural chemical and hormone free vegetables, beef and lamb. All animals are grass fed and receive no grain. All hamburger is PINK SLIME FREE!



You can also find some of our products at:

IGA in Marshall, VA

Locke Store in Millwood, VA

Natural Marketplace in Warrenton, VA

The Whole Ox in The Plains, VA

Mt. Airy Market in Boyce, VA

Holy Cow Delivery out of Strasburg, VA





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