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Over The Grass Farm was established in 1976 as a working horse farm located in The Plains, VA. Horses are still an integral part of the farm today, but we have grown into so much more.

Committed to establishing a sustainable, bio-diverse environment from the beginning, the Fleischmann family has set out to create an almost 450 acre preserve for all of natures plants and species that are native to this region. These commitments have been the cornerstone to the care for all of the animals that make up the Over The Grass Farm. Through protected lands, streams and ponds, we provide the stewardship that we hope will continue to lead and inspire future owners in this region to do the same.

Our herds feast on the finest grasses established by following proven pasture management practices that produce the best beef and lamb that we can. We talk to our animals calling them "mother" and "baby" and they respond by letting us walk among them in the fields. It is not uncommon to have one our workers "be leaned against" by a passing animal. They truly respond to an open and caring environment.

Over The Grass Farm produces vegetables and fruits to serve many different markets. Originally started to produce natural, non-chemical items for the family, quickly spread to surrounding friends, neighbors, local super markets, restaurants, farmers markets and recently a move toward CSA production. The growing fields have seen many experienced growers through the years that offer consistent top of the line products for our customers. Many of our current growers continue to bring decades of experience to the farm and direct to your table.

We are exceptionally proud of our cow-share program. These gentle ladies produce some of the creamiest and sweetest milk around. We get to talk and pet these girls on a daily basis. They are very special to us and our staff is dedicated to them seven days a week, rain or shine, twice a day. We sell out of our shares all the time and our customers have been with us for a very long time. There is a rumor we will be expanding this program to support our local community. I have heard whispers about possible delivery to folks that can't make it to our farm store.

Please see our products page for our list, availability and price of all our offerings.

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