Farm History

Over the Grass Farm dates back to the 1920s when several smaller farms were combined to create the current borders of the farm. In fact, many of the outlying buildings still carry the names of these component farms.

In 1979, Mrs. Fleischmann purchased the land, then operating as a horse farm, to raise her family. Committed to establishing a sustainable and bio-diverse environment, Over the Grass Farm has become a 420 acre preserve for native plants and animals, as well as an operational farm.

Our livestock graze on the finest grasses created through proven pasture management practices, which produce the highest quality grass-fed and finished beef, lamb, and dairy cows.

Over the Grass Farm started growing natural and chemical free produce for the family and soon expanded to supply friends, neighbors, restaurants and farmer's markets.  Presently, as always, our gardens are managed by experienced growers, providing the freshest and finest vegetables, herbs, and greens to our customers.

Starting in the 1920s and through the 1950s, the farm included a dairy.  Today, it no longer operates a dairy but does offer a cow share program.

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